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Solutions for poultry

B.I.O.Vit® E/Se/Zn Liquid

  • Huhn
  • Liquid Application

In commercial livestock, the optimal supply of vitamin E and selenium  can be disturbed during times of high performance. This may reduce fertility and immune response, leading to a lower reproductive performance and higher morbidity rate.  An additional short-term supplementation via drinking water may relieve these symptoms.

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  • Features
    • Enhances fertility
    • Protects against cell membrane damage
    • Prevents imbalances and deficiencies
  • Indication

    B.I.O.Vit® E /Se/Zn Liquid is recommended in case of insufficient supply of vitamin E and selenium. Both components have an important function in the prevention of oxidative damages in cells.

  • Package size

    1 l bottle / 5 l canister

    • Flasche Liquid
    • Kanister Liquid