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Solutions for poultry


  • Huhn
  • Liquid Application

Modern livestock face many special challenges. Various factors can influence skin integrity, which can lead to bad wound healing and poor feathering. The focus of LiquiShine is to support the skin function in more that one way. Biotin and zinc are nutrients needed for healthy skin and feathers. Betaine aims at improving fecal consistency and consequently affecting foot pad health.

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  • Features
    • Supports the integrity of skin and mucosa
    • Improves fecal quality
    • Provides nutrients needed for keratin synthesis
  • Indication

    LiquiShine is used to support skin health and integrity. Additionally, zinc can boost the immune system. A further indication is the supplementation of nutrients needed during molt.

  • Package size

    1 l bottle / 5 l canister

    • Flasche Liquid
    • Kanister Liquid