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Solutions for poultry

Stress Pack® SL

  • Schwein
  • Huhn
  • Water Application

In conventional animal husbandry, stress may lead to performance depression and hightened morbidity and mortality rates, leading to severe economical losses. The livestock owner has the ability to counteract the negative effects of heat stress, vaccinations, cannibalism or transportation with a short-notice application via drinking water.

Please contact our sales department and ask for the availability and distribution rights of our products in your respective country.

  • Features
    • Reduces stress symptoms
    • Reduces loss of water via faeces
    • Reduces excitability
  • Indication

    StressPack® SL has been developed to support the animals in times of stress and to reduce the negative impact of stress on their welfare.

  • Package size

    1 kg bag / 5 kg bag

    • Sack