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Schweinchen Titel

Solutions for swine

Bimulac® Weaner

  • Schwein
  • Feed Application

The uptake of diarrheal pathogens leads to an imbalance in the intestine, which is one of the most important defense systems in the body. High use rates of zinc oxide or metaphylactic antibiotics are often means of choice and can lead to risky resistance. Bimulac® Weaner stabilizes the intestinal microbiota with the help of the synbiotic properties of pro- and prebiotics, which manifests itself in well-functioning diarrhea prevention. Thereby the animal is supported in the longer term.

  • Features
    • Unique synbiotic     
    • Stabilizes intestinal microbiota       
    • Aids pathogen suppression     
  • Indication

    Bimulac® Weaner reduces diarrhea in weaned piglets. Added via hand or dispenser directly to the feed, Bimulac® Weaner supports the piglet with synbiotic additives specifically in critical phases.

  • Package size

    2,5 kg bag / 10 kg bag

    • Beutel
    • Sack