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Schweinchen Titel

Solutions for swine


  • Schwein
  • Oral Application

Piglet anemia is a well-known problem in the swine husbandry because it develops rapidly in nursing piglets reared in restriction. Ferroniq not only provides an additional supply of iron fumarate without objecting the animals to the risks of an injection, but also contains probiotic bacteria that stabilize the gut flora and help to eliminate harmful bacteria from the gut. It is enriched with vitamins to enhance vitality.

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  • Features
    • Improves blood cellular components (haemopoeisis)
    • Colonization of the intestinal tract of young animals with symbiotic lactic acid bacteria
  • Indication

    Ferroniq is rich in the probiotic bacteria Enterococcus faecium as well as vitamins. The benefit of this lactobacillus is an enhancement of the defense function of the intestine and the establishment of a beneficial microflora at early life stages. The positive gut flora is increased and stabilized, while harmful bacteria are eliminated from the gut. Additionally Ferroniq contains vitamins to enhance vitality.

  • Package size

    80 ml cartridge

    • Kartusche