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Solutions for swine

Fertility Pack® Sow

  • Schwein
  • Feed Application

Sows in advanced gestation and lactating sows need an additional supply of highly available trace elements and vitamins. Especially the intrauterine growth during advanced gestation requires an optimal supply of the sow to best benefit the piglets. Fertility Pack® Sow lays the foundation for high fertility, milk yield, health and a good condition of the sow.

Please contact our sales department and ask for the availability and distribution rights of our products in your respective country.

  • Features
    • More vigorous weaned piglets per sow and year
    • More intense signs of heat and higher conception rates
    • Improves health and vitality, thus prolonging the sow’s longevity
  • Indication

    Fertility Pack® Sow is a carefully balanced complementary feed based on highly bioavailable copper, zinc, iron and manganese chelates (E.C.O.Trace®) as well as vitamins. It provides an optimal supply of trace elements and supports the sow's immune system.

  • Package size

    2 kg bag / 20 kg bag

    • Beutel
    • Sack