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Schweinchen Titel

Solutions for swine

Lactiferm® Imuno

  • Schwein
  • Oral Application

The supplementation of immunoglobulins, probiotics and vitamins provide an optimal start for young animals. The components of Lactiferm® Imuno aim at increasing the resistance against pathogens, stabilizing the intestinal flora, and stimulating metabolism.

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  • Features
    • Primary colonization of the intestinal tract
    • Enhances resistance against infections
    • Improves the immune function
    • Sufficient vitamin supply to ensure optimal metabolic processes
  • Indication

    Lactiferm® Imuno is a starting aid for newborn piglets to stimulate the immune and metabolic functions. The main active ingredients of Lactiferm® Imuno are colostral antibodies, the probiotic bacteria Enterococcus faecium and vitamins.

  • Package size

    80 ml cartridge

    • Kartusche