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Schweinchen Titel

Solutions for swine

Lactiferm® Vit

  • Schwein
  • Oral Application

Lactiferm® Vit improves the immune function in young animals. It establishes a balanced intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment and supports the colonization of the gut with symbiotic lactic acid bacteria. The resistance against infections is enhanced by the principle of competitive exclusion. An additional supply of beneficial vitamins is also provided.

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  • Features
    • Primary colonization of the intestinal tract of young animals
    • Compensative vitamin supply to ensure optimal metabolic processes
  • Indication

    Lactiferm® Vit is rich in the probiotic bacteria Enterococcus faecium. This enhances the defense function of the intestine and establishes a beneficial microflora at early life stages. The positive gut flora is increased and stabilized, while harmful bacteria are eliminated from the gut. Lactiferm® Vit is also enriched with vitamins to ensure a proper supply and thus has a positive impact on the animal’s vitality and welfare.

  • Package size

    32 ml syringe / 80 ml cartridge

    • Spritze
    • Kartusche