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Solutions for swine

Piglet Protector®

  • Schwein
  • Oral Application

The main causes of early piglet mortality are reduced vitality, due to a lack of immune protection, and very low energy reserves. Therefore an immediate and sufficient colostrum intake after birth is crucial for the piglets to develop their passive immunity. Piglet Protector® is a long-established Biochem product. The combination of probiotics, colostrum, vitamins, and trace minerals with medium chain fatty acids has supports the newborn piglet especially in the first hours of life.

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  • Features
    • Supports passive and active immunity
    • Establishes a positive gut flora
    • Highly available source of energy
  • Indication

    Piglet Protector® is designed to provide additives needed for the optimal development of newborn piglets: The passive immune system is supported by immunoglobulins, while highly available energy is provided by medium chain triglycerides. The probiotics enhance the development of a healthy gut flora and the digestibility of nutrients. With the vitamins and trace elements contained in Piglet Protector®, the product becomes a well-balanced completion of the sows' milk.

  • Package size

    80 ml cartridge

    • Kartusche
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