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Schweinchen Titel

Solutions for swine

VerSal Liquid

  • Schwein
  • Liquid Application

VerSal Liquid is a mixture of organic acids.

  • Features
    • Improves hygiene of water
    • Reduces pH of water
    • Reduces bacterial degradation of nutrients
    • Improves the digestibility of protein
  • Indication

    VerSal Liquid improves the acidification, stabilizes the microbiota in the intestinal tract and has therefore positive effects on rearing performance. Low pH values are required for the activation of the intestinal protease pepsin. Thus a low pH value enhances the digestibility of protein.

  • Package size

    30kg canister / 200kg drums / 1000kg IBC

    • Kanister Liquid
    • IBC-Container
    • Tonne