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Biochem E-mobility en

Biochem, as a global manufacturer of feed additives for animal feed, now has a strong position to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies, and for this reason, Biochem has recently launched a charging station for electric vehicles in its production facilities. Launched in Lüne, Germany.

In September 2018 in the city of Loone (Oldenburg), Bioshem, as one of the most reputable manufacturers of feed additives for animal feed in the world, continued its efforts, recently establishing an electric vehicle charging station at its production facility in Leune, Germany. Electricity is supported as the driving force.

Biochem is a fan of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies and plans to launch its second electric vehicle charging station in 2019.

Today, nearly a quarter of all CO 2   emissions  worldwide can be related to the transportation sector. Electric vehicles are a reliable alternative to significantly reduce the percentage of this gas.

Compared to internal combustion motor vehicles, these vehicles do not emit their own exhaust gases and help improve air quality. According to the International Energy Agency, the number of electric vehicles on the roads around the world will reach 125 million by 2030.

Easy access to charging stations is one of the main challenges for people who have already given up their motor vehicles. Although this number is steadily increasing, there is still a significant gap between supply and demand. The charging station is used by two types of electrical connection plugs (type 2 and AC socket) and has the ability to charge two cars at the same time.

Biochem is a family-run organization that produces high quality feed additives and health supplements for pigs, poultry, ruminants and horses. The company currently operates in more than sixty countries around the world and is known for its desirable quality and environmentally friendly business practices.

Mr. Eckhard Tolke, owner of Biochem, said: "The new charging station is one of the evidence of Biochem's growing efforts to accelerate sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies. 

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