Biochem launches B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 Mycotoxin Binder with natural detoxifiers.

Published on: January 2, 2020
Author: Biochem Team
Time: 2 min read

Biochem expands its mycotoxin management portfolio with the launch of B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 Mycotoxin Binder. The new mycotoxin binder is specially formulated with activated substances and natural detoxifiers to boost health, performance, and liver function. It offers supreme binding capabilities and an extended adsorption profile for Fusarium toxins, especially Deoxynivalenol.

Biochem, a trusted name in the global market for animal feed additives, expands its highly effective mycotoxin management portfolio with the B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 Mycotoxin Binder. This proven effective range currently comprises of B.I.O.Tox®, B.I.O.Tox® Y, B.I.O.Tox® Z, B.I.O.Tox® Farm, B.I.O.Tox® Farm-Y, Mybind, and MycService.

B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 is an excellent addition to this existing range. The most noteworthy property of this product is its supreme binding capabilities and an extended adsorption profile for Fusarium toxins, especially Deoxynivalenol. The ingredients of B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 includes activated adsorbents such as Bentonite and Sepiolite, as well as natural detoxifiers Polyphenols and Silybum Marianum. They have anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects.

The surface of the adsorbents is modulated in a way that binds more mycotoxins and ensures superior strength of the bonds. This activated surface ensures that the physical and chemical bonds stay firm throughout the intestinal tract of the animals — the natural detoxifiers (Silybum Marianum and flavanol anthocyanin) support anti-oxidative and detoxifying processes in the liver.

 “With products for every kind of mycotoxin, B.I.O.Tox® Mycotoxin Binders can protect your animals from clinical and subclinical intoxications and performance drops,” said Maik Hinrichs, Biochem’s R&D Innovation Manager. “With a broad-spectrum binding capacity of mycotoxins combined with high potent phytogenic additives, B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 delivers a holistic strategy to protect animals from mycotoxins to evolve their genetic potential.” 

To find out more about Biochem’s new B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 Mycotoxin Binder, please visit: biotox-activ8

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