Biochem Launches the Newest Member of its Pet Portfolio.

Published on: May 7, 2024
Author: Biochem Team
Time: 3 min read

New dietary feed supplement, HePaw Syn—a complete formula for metabolic and antioxidative support!

Lohne, May 2024. Biochem introduces the newest member of its dietary feed supplement pet portfolio. HePaw Syn is a combination of beneficial ingredients that focus on supporting gut health and liver and kidney function. Combining synbiotic components and mycotoxin binders with highly bioavailable trace elements, vitamins, and natural phytoactive ingredients, HePaw Syn offers a comprehensive formula to support gut health, metabolic functions, and antioxidative processes.

HePaw Syn is a holistic supplement to support metabolic process,” explains Kajsa Noréus Product Manager for Dietary Feed Supplements at Biochem. “But it is more than that. With its blend of proven, well-established probiotics like live yeast, prebiotics, and toxin binders, HePaw Syn is also a powerful formulation for intestinal health and all around health care.

Dogs and cats are no longer just pets, they’re valued members of the family. As a result, pet owners are increasingly focused on their overall health and well-being, with particular attention paid to their gut health. Just like in humans, a healthy gut microbiome in dogs and cats is essential for quality of life. The growing awareness has led to a shift of focus to the intestinal health of dogs and cats as well as overall pet health.

HePaw Syn is the first pet supplement to contain the probiotic Live Yeast MUCL 39885 worldwide. The probiotic Live Yeast MUCL 39885 has long proven its benefits for animals of all kinds and is now also with registered for pets. Combined with the well-established E. faecium and a powerful prebiotic, HePaw Syn can provide highly effective support for the gut microbiota—a synbiotic approach to supporting overall gut health.

Betaine performs many useful cellular functions. It is a methyl group donor for methylation reactions, an essential biochemical process for all life. Betaine protects against osmotic stress—not only in the gut but also in the kidney. Efficient osmoregulation increases nutrient availability for health and performance. In the kidney, betaine preserves cell volume and function in the presence of the high osmolarity needed for proper renal function.

We know that gastrointestinal health is a great concern for pet owners that impacts both the pets’ and owners’ lives. Lasting liver and kidney dysfunction is also a common concern among pet owners,” continues Noréus. “We are excited about HePaw Syn, we feel this formula will be a game changer!

HePaw Syn is a powder that can be top-dressed over food and is available in a 650 g container. It can be used for long-term, continuous supplementation or as an acute aid for dogs and cats both alone or as a complement to our current range of pet pastes.

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