B.I.O.Tox® is an advanced mycotoxin binder that has been extensively researched and shows remarkable binding efficacy. B.I.O.Tox® protects against the hidden threat of mycotoxins in feed that are unavoidable even on the best managed farms. Neutralize mycotoxins and realize the true production potential of your animalsincorporate B.I.O.Tox® into your feed strategy.

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Modes of Action.

Our effective range of feed additives and dietary feed supplements are specifically selected and developed to support animal health and productivity. Their modes of action add value and benefit.


Modified surfaces with different pore sizes, optimal charge distributions and a large specific surface allow a stable binding of various kinds of mycotoxins in the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Product Specifications.

Product Group:Mycotoxin Binders
Product Form:Powder
Animals:Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Calves, Goats, Kids, Sheep, Lambs, Chicken, Breeders, Layers, Broilers, Ducks, Turkeys, Fattening Turkeys, Fish, Shrimp, Sows, Piglets, Fattening Pigs
Challenges:Mycotoxin, Immune Deficiency, Endotoxin Stress, Fertility
Heat Stable:Yes
Package Size:25 kg
Availability:*This product may not be available in all markets.

Application Method.

Product Description.

Molds and their mycotoxins are a persistent problem in the animal feed industry, despite high quality standards. These toxic metabolites can be responsible for a wide range of health problems in animals, including reduced reproductive performance, decreased milk production, reduced feed efficiency, and suppression of the immune system. Mycotoxins can even contaminate milk and meat, making them a real threat to humans and animals.

Several mycotoxins have been identified as being particularly harmful to production animals. These include aflatoxins, ochratoxins, zearalenone, T-2/HT2-toxin, and fumonisins. To protect against their harmful effects, nutritionally inert substances—mycotoxin binders—are added to the feed. B.I.O.Tox® is an advanced mycotoxin binder developed for exceptional toxin management, targeting a wide range of polar and nonpolar mycotoxins. B.I.O.Tox® has a simple, but effective function. It works by adsorption—binding the toxins to its surface to form a stable complex with mycotoxins, which is then excreted.

B.I.O.Tox® reduces the absorption of mycotoxins from the gastrointestinal tract and their spread to the blood and organs. Mycotoxins can reduce milk production and ruminal function in cattle, and reduce feed efficiency, hatchability, egg production, and immune suppression in poultry. In swine, mycotoxins can reduce feed efficiency, reproductive performance, and increase piglet mortality. In aquaculture, mycotoxins can alter egg production, increase susceptibility to disease, and affect microbial growth.

Mycotoxins are a hidden threat to farm animals. They are difficult to avoid in feed formulations—even on well-managed farms. Just a few micrograms of mycotoxins in feed can be harmful. B.I.O.Tox® has been extensively studied both in vivo and in vitro and demonstrates superior binding efficiency. Neutralize mycotoxins and realize the true production potential of your animals.


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