Hepatron® 85%

Hepatron® 85% is a blend of betaine hydrochloride and anhydrous betaine and is a cost-effective, highly effective feed additive for increasing the availability of methyl groups in a formulation. Hepatron® 85% offers superior flexibility in application and promotes growth performance, improved feed intake and nutrient digestibility, and high levels of liver protection.

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Product Benefits.

Modes of Action.

Our effective range of feed additives and dietary feed supplements are specifically selected and developed to support animal health and productivity. Their modes of action add value and benefit.

Methyl-group Donor

Methyl groups are vital for RNA and DNA synthesis, gene regulation, immune function, protein synthesis, and fatty acid metabolism. During growth and development, these pathways are highly active.


Functions to help regulate osmotic pressure and maintain cellular homeostasis, particularly in response to environmental stressors. In the intestine, this function helps maintain intestinal integrity.

Product Specifications.

Product Group:Betaine
Product Form:Powder
Animals:Chicken, Broilers, Layers, Breeders, Ducks, Turkeys, Fattening Turkeys, Piglets, Sows, Fattening Pigs, Fish, Shrimp
Challenges:Nutrient Deficiency, Heat Stress
Heat Stable:Yes
Package Size:25 kg

Application Method.

Product Description.

As a methyl group donor, Hepatron® 85% is essential for proper liver health and function, cellular replication, and detoxification reactions. It also plays a role in carnitine production and kidney protection. Formulating with Hepatron® 85% reduces costs and allows methionine and choline to do their important work.

Hepatron® 85% is a superior betaine product that provides a source of methyl groups along with excellent quality and safety characteristics. Hepatron® 85% is more efficient than choline chloride in providing methyl groups, especially during periods of increased stress.

Hepatron® 85% in aquaculture feeds is an excellent attractant to increase feed acceptance and intake as well as cover-up off-flavors like those from plant material. As betaine is a natural component of common prey like snails, squid, and crustaceans, Hepatron® 85% brings back the natural flavor of feed.

The anhydrous betaine in Hepatron® 85% has an osmolyte effect on intestinal cell hydration, promoting high performance even under challenging growth conditions. As such, Hepatron® 85% supports intestinal stability and functionality.

Including Hepatron® 85% in the diet eliminates the need to add choline chloride, provided the other ingredients provide sufficient choline to meet the animal’s needs. An effective blend of betaine hydrochloride and anhydrous betaine, Hepatron® 85%, individual inclusion rates of Hepatron® 85% can be tailored to the specific nutritional needs of your farm.

Unlock the full potential of your animals with Hepatron® 85%. Experience the transformative effect on growth performance and overall health. Invest in Hepatron® 85% today to give your animals the support they need to thrive, even under challenging growing conditions.

Hepatron 85

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