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Biochem поддерживает развитие электротранспорта


Первая электрическая зарядная станция для автомобилей на производственной площадке компании

Один из самых надежных в мире производителей кормовых добавок для кормления животных, Biochem прилагает свои усилия по поддержке электротранспорта. Недавно компания установила на своей производственной площадке, расположенном в Лоне, Германии, передовую электростанцию для зарядки электромобилей. Будучи сторонником экологически чистых и устойчивых технологий, Biochem планирует установить вторую зарядную станцию уже в 2019 году.

Biochem поддерживает развитие электротранспортаBiochem поддерживает развитие электротранспорта

Today, almost a quarter of all CO 2 emissions worldwide can be attributed to emissions from transport. Electric vehicles are an excellent alternative to significantly reduce this percentage. Compared to traditional vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines, these vehicles do not produce exhaust gases and help improve air quality. That is why many countries around the world actively support electric transport. According to the International Energy Agency, by 2030 the number of electric vehicles on the roads around the world will reach about 125 million units.

Easy accessibility of charging stations is one of the greatest benefits for those already using electric vehicles. Despite the fact that these numbers are steadily increasing, there remains a significant gap between supply and demand. The charging station supports two types of plugs (type 2 and Schuko) and can charge two cars at the same time.

Biochem is a family-owned company that produces high quality feed additives and veterinary drugs for pigs, poultry, ruminants and horses. Known for its strict quality policy and maximum environmental focus, the company currently operates in over sixty countries around the world.

“The new car charging station is a testament to Biochem's growing efforts to accelerate the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies, ”said owner Eckhard Thölke.