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Solutions for cattle

RumiPro Appetizer

  • Rind
  • Feed Application

A reduced feed intake can lead to various problems in dairy farming. Most of the dairy cows show a decreased feed intake especially around calving. Rumen Appetizer is a targeted application to help during critical situations.

Please contact our sales department and ask for the availability and distribution rights of our products in your respective country.

  • Features
    • Promotes growth of rumen bacteria
    • Quickly restores feed intake
    • Increases animal health
  • Indication

    RumiPro Appetizer provides a combination of rapidly fermentable material for the rumen and additives promoting rumen activity. Therefore the rumen and the cow get supported during times with low or missing feed intake.

  • Package size

    1 kg bag / 200 g bag

    • Beutel
    • Sachet