Support in the Calving Phase: Strengthen Rumen and Increase Nutrient Supply.

Published on: January 18, 2022
Author: Biochem Team
Time: 2 min read

Reduced feed intake causes major problems in dairy cattle farming. Many cows consume less feed during the calving period. This has an impact on animal health and output. Targeted support for dairy cows—like that provided by Biochem RumiPro Appetizer— is highly recommended in this phase.

Reduced feed intake by dairy cows can disturb the delicate balance of the rumen. This reduction can be caused by poor feed quality, management problems, or diseased animals. It has been shown that dairy cows in particular reduce feed intake around calving time. This increases the risk of various diseases, such as ketosis, acidosis, or displaced abomasum.

Stimulation of feed intake and normalization of digestion and metabolism are essential for high output and good health in dairy cows. Supplying rumen microbes with nutrients supports cows in these critical phases, explains Marian Altemeier, Biochem Product Manager for ruminants. At the same time, an optimal environment must be created for microbe growth and activity.

Strengthening rumen microbes.

The ingredients contained in Biochem RumiPro Appetizer supply the microbes in the rumen with rapidly fermentable substances. Calcium propionate stimulates microbial growth in the rumen and increases the activity of the rumen bacteria. It also increases the propionate content in the rumen. The cow can use this content to generate energy. Barley malt also provides different types of sugar, leading to a good supply of glucose. And it is very tasty, which increases water and feed intake.

Stabilize pH valueimprove digestibility.

RumiPro Appetizer contains a special combination of live and hydrolyzed yeasts. The live yeasts absorb oxygen and glucose in the rumen and use them for their own metabolism, stabilizing the pH value in the rumen. This leads to increased growth of anaerobic cellulolytic bacteria and enhanced fiber digestibility. Yeast metabolites provide ruminants with additional nutrients. The hydrolyzed yeasts support the activity of the live yeasts and increase their effectiveness. They can also serve as nutrients for the rumen bacteria. RumiPro Appetizer also contains betaine to ensure an adequate supply of nitrogen to the microbes. The B vitamins that it contains support the dairy cow in critical phases.

Biochem RumiPro Appetizer delivers a combination of easily fermentable ingredients and additives that enhance the activity of rumen microbes. The cow is effectively supported with nutrients during the calving phase, its appetite is stimulated, and output and health are improved.

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