Reduce Antibiotics Without Reducing Performance.

Take advantage of our best-in-class prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics to minimize antibiotic use in animal production.

Why Reduce Antibiotic Use on the Farm?

The use of antimicrobials in animals as growth promoters is a result of the growing demand for animal protein. This practice is concerning because of the development of antimicrobial resistance, leading to drug-resistant infections in animals and humans. The main driver for accumulation of harmful resistance genes in animal reservoirs is high antimicrobial use in animal production. Antimicrobial resistance threatens animal agriculture and the livelihoods of those who raise animals. Reducing antimicrobial use should be a goal in all types of production systems and can be achieved by supporting animal health in all stages of production.

Antibiotic Reduction

Our Products for Antibiotic Reduction.

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