EQI® Hoof & Coats

A horse’s health is mirrored in its hoof and coat. EQI® Hoof & Coats combines essential biotin with highly bioavailable zinc, copper, and manganese to form a highly effective supplement that improves hoof and coat quality. Let your horse’s vitality shine through!

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Product Benefits.

Modes of Action.

Our effective range of feed additives and dietary feed supplements are specifically selected and developed to support animal health and productivity. Their modes of action add value and benefit.

Strong Epithelium

Zinc is essential for the function of enzymes involved in the production of keratin, which makes up skin, hair, and hooves. Zinc is key for wound healing and high turnover epithelial tissue.

Beneficial Absorption Rate

Effective transport to the intestinal wall leads to a higher absorption. Organically bound minerals have a superior bioavailability than inorganic minerals.

Product Specifications.

Product Group:Dietary Feed Supplement
Product Form:Pellets
Challenges:Lameness, Nutrient Deficiency, Immune Deficiency
Soluble:*This product may not be available in all markets.
Package Size:700 g

Application Method.

Product Description.

The health and vitality of a horse are mirrored in the condition of its hooves and coat. Brittle hooves or a dull coat can indicate a diet lacking in adequate trace minerals and signal potential deficiencies and compromised health. EQI® Hoof & Coats is a comprehensive solution, meticulously crafted to alleviate these issues and restore your horse’s natural vibrancy.

Periods of heightened metabolic stress demand extra support. EQI® Hoof & Coats meets this need, providing horses with an optimal blend of trace minerals and biotin to maintain hoof integrity and elasticity, and bolster coat vibrancy.

Trace minerals such as zinc, copper, and manganese are essential to maintaining the elasticity and strength of the horse’s horn, skin, bones, and connective tissues. Moreover, zinc is an important trace mineral for sufficient wound healing, keratin synthesis, or immune response.

This is the reason EQI® Hoof & Coats is formulated with B.I.O.Key® trace minerals. These highly bioavailable zinc, copper, and manganese trace minerals are bound to amino acids from hydrolyzed soy protein, which reduces intestinal interactions and increases trace mineral bioavailability.

Horses have a high demand for biotin. It is an important component of various enzymes and is involved in the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. As they cannot synthesize this vitamin themselves, it must be supplied in the diet. Periods of intensive training or illness may even increase the demand for biotin. The biotin included in EQI® Hoof & Coats meets this demand.

EQI® Hoof & Coats is your answer to ensuring robust hoof health and a bright, shining coat, ultimately reflecting your horse’s overall health and vigor. EQI® Hoof & Coats is an essential part of your horse’s diet. Let your horse’s vitality shine through!

EQI Hoof & Coats

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