Prolyt Pack®

Prolyt Pack® is a supplemental powder designed to help stabilize the gastrointestinal tract of calves to help them stay healthy and grow. It is enriched with probiotics to promote beneficial microbiota and prevent pathogen colonization. Prolyt Pack® supports nutrient utilization, optimizes water balance, and supports metabolism with vitamins and trace minerals. Prolyt Pack® gets your calves off to a healthy start!

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Product Benefits.

Modes of Action.

Our effective range of feed additives and dietary feed supplements are specifically selected and developed to support animal health and productivity. Their modes of action add value and benefit.


Functions to help regulate osmotic pressure and maintain cellular homeostasis, particularly in response to environmental stressors. In the intestine, this function helps maintain intestinal integrity.

Lactic Acid Production

Multifunctional organic acid that contributes to overall health by supporting a balanced gut microbiome, intestinal integrity, and immune homeostasis.

Reinforced Intestinal Barrier

Strengthening of mucosal linings by supporting tight junction formation, immune response, epithelial regeneration, and mucous secretion. This mechanism prevents harmful substances from entering the blood system.

Targeted Support

A targeted combination of vitamins and/or minerals can support various metabolic, hormonal, and immunological processes in times of increased demand and compensate possible deficiencies.

Competitive Exclusion

Outcompeting other germs for resources such as nutrients, space, or binding sites. This mechanism reduces the risk of non-beneficial or pathogenic overgrowth.

Product Specifications.

Product Group:Dietary Feed Supplement
Product Form:Powder
Challenges:Immune Deficiency, Pathogen Control, Growth Performance
Package Size:500 g, 1 kg
Availability:*This product may not be available in all markets.

Application Method.

Product Description.

Prolyt Pack® supports the gastrointestinal tract of the calf for optimal health and growth. It is ideal for the first few days of life, as hydration support before the onset of diarrhea, or after treatment with antibiotics. Prolyt Pack® helps to stabilize the gut microbiota, support hydration, and improve nutrient utilization.

Prolyt Pack® improves nutrient utilization during periods of stress and malabsorption. It promotes calf health by establishing a balanced microbiota. Prolyt Pack® works by promoting a beneficial intestinal microbiota and limiting harmful pathogens.

The added microorganisms in Prolyt Pack® also help digest milk and milk replacer by producing enzymes. It is formulated to address digestive disorders and poor nutrient utilization caused by infection and stress.

Prolyt Pack® uses betaine to support the maintenance of general hydration and provide initial support before developing diarrhea. The trace minerals and vitamins in Prolyt Pack® support the calf’s metabolism and performance. Highly bioavailable organically bound trace minerals provide extra support for the calf’s immune system.

Prolyt Pack® stabilizes the gut microbiota, prevents dehydration during periods of stress and improves the utilization of nutrients. Prolyt Pack® supports calves in their recovery from diarrhea or after antibiotic treatment. Prolyt Pack® is the ideal choice to make sure that your calves get the support they need to get off to a healthy start!

Prolyt Pack

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