Stress Pack® Xtra

Are you faced with short heat stress periods in the summer or with ongoing heat challenges in warmer climate zones? The powerful combination of willow bark extract, vitamin C, and betaine in Stress Pack® Xtra provides short-term support for your animals anytime they face heat stress. Stress Pack® Xtra is the natural protection for your animals and your bottom line.

Animal Species:

Feed Solutions:

Product Benefits.

Modes of Action.

Our effective range of feed additives and dietary feed supplements are specifically selected and developed to support animal health and productivity. Their modes of action add value and benefit.


Reactive oxygen species are increased during metabolic processes or due to lipid peroxidative substances. Antioxidants scavenge these highly damaging molecules, protecting vital cells and tissues.

Methyl-group Donor

Methyl groups are vital for RNA and DNA synthesis, gene regulation, immune function, protein synthesis, and fatty acid metabolism. During growth and development, these pathways are highly active.


Functions to help regulate osmotic pressure and maintain cellular homeostasis, particularly in response to environmental stressors. In the intestine, this function helps maintain intestinal integrity.

Recovery Support

Inflammation is a normal process but too much of it can be harmful. Minimizing the detrimental effects of too much inflammation helps support recovery and a return to healthy functioning.

Targeted Support

A targeted combination of vitamins and/or minerals can support various metabolic, hormonal, and immunological processes in times of increased demand and compensate possible deficiencies.

Antioxidant Defense System

Has an important role in the functioning of the antioxidant defense system and is indispensable for the free-radical neutralizing activities of antioxidants, preventing both cell and tissue damage.

Product Specifications.

Product Group:Dietary Feed Supplement
Product Form:Liquid
Animals:Chicken, Breeders, Layers, Broilers, Ducks, Turkeys, Fattening Turkeys, Sows, Piglets, Fattening Pigs
Challenges:Heat Stress
Package Size:1 l, 5 l
Availability:*This product may not be available in all markets.

Application Method.

Product Description.

Every year, as summer approaches, so does the threat of heat stress. High temperatures can cause health problems and a loss of productivity in swine and poultry. Stress Pack® Xtra is a powerful combination of ingredients to support animals during heat stress.

Stress Pack® Xtra contains vitamin C—a powerful antioxidant that protects cell membranes from oxidative stress and regulates cell function. It also helps regulate stress hormones and build collagen, which is essential for strong bones and eggshells.

Betaine anhydrous is included in Stress Pack® Xtra as a natural osmolyte for hydration. Betaine provides osmotic protection and reduces fecal water loss, especially in heat stressed animals, and helps repair tissues that heat and inflammation may damage.

Stress Pack® Xtra also contains willow bark extract. This ingredient is a natural source of salicin, which has been used as an anti-inflammatory for centuries. A natural phytoactive substance may help animals manage the negative cardiovascular effects of inflammation from heat stress.

Stress Pack® Xtra has been specifically designed for drinking water, making it a simple and effective solution to maintain the health and productivity of animals during periods of heat stress. Even when feed intake is reduced during high temperatures, Stress Pack® Xtra can support your animals.

The powerful combination of willow bark extract, vitamin C, and betaine in Stress Pack® Xtra provides short-term support for your animals anytime they face heat stress or an inflammatory challenge. It’s important to have the right strategy to meet the challenge of heat stress. Prepare your animals with Stress Pack® Xtra!

Stress Pack Xtra

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