Feed Safety for Food Safety®.

We believe every animal’s health and well-being benefits all of us. That's why we're passionate about safe animal nutrition.

About Us.

Founded in 1986 as a feed additive retailer, Biochem has grown into a thriving business that covers the entire feed additive chain, from the thoughtful recommendation of suitable additives for your animal’s health and nutrition to the local sale and distribution of these products. What was once a small start-up now employs more than 360 skilled people from over 40 nations. Our mission is to focus our strengths and expertise to support you in your daily work. Our feed additives and dietary feed supplements are characterized by efficiency, quality, and sustainability. From gut health, mycotoxin management, and nutrient efficiency to immune stimulation—we offer solutions for every species, every production segment, and every climate zone.

A Trusted Partner

We thrive on strong customer relationships, fostering global growth, and delivering superior service through open communication, collaboration, and strong partnerships.

Innovative Products

Biochem offers a range of innovative feed solutions for diverse animal species, from short-term treatments to continuous feed solutions, providing well-researched, comprehensive animal nutrition.

Sustainable Growth

With decades of global expertise in animal nutrition and close ties to the scientific community, we enable you achieve sustainable growth and manage animal nutrition, health, and farm interactions.

Anchored Locally, Networked Globally

For over 35 years, our diverse team of experts has been delivering our German-made feed solutions worldwide by leveraging our global ecosystem for consistent supply.

Our Management Team.