A Future for Sustainable Farming & Nutrition.

We believe sustainable animal production is both possible and essential. We are working to create a better world.

Our Dedication to Sustainability.

As a medium-sized, family-run company, we are aware of our social responsibility. We see ourselves as an active part of the community. This includes taking responsibility and lending a helping hand. We are conscious of our social responsibility. Contributing to the community and supporting good causes are actions that are close to our hearts. To create a world of abundance, we must do more than feed the growing population. We need to nourish it with quality food while working to replenish the planet’s natural resources. This can be accomplished by improving animal health, maximizing feedstuff value, increasing farm efficiency, and reinvesting in innovation. We have been striving to meet these challenges for over 35 years. Our nutritional technologies help optimize the nutrients in animal feed, supporting health and performance while reducing the environmental impact of animal agriculture. We have pioneered nutritional technologies that have been proven to improve production efficiency, improve the sustainability of poultry and pig production, and help rid animal diets of toxins that can harm both the animal and the environment. We can look back with pride on more than 35 years of operational experience and at our handling of the materials used to make our products. Our safety and environmental management system is a priority in our company to ensure the safe storage and handling of potentially environmentally hazardous materials. We maintain a certified energy management system to use resources sparingly, but we know we can do better. By using newer equipment and smarter methods, we're committed to reducing our environmental footprint and building a greener future for everyone.

Reducing Our Operational Impact.

We nurture a culture of sustainability, ever conscious of our impact on the world around us. We continually look for ways to be more environmentally responsible and find areas for improvement or innovation. For example, wherever possible, we source sustainable commodities, such as those used in marketing materials and copy paper. From reducing our carbon footprint to conserving resources and streamlining business processes, we strive to be efficient and sustainable in our use of energy and naturally limited resources. Through careful implementation of energy-saving measures, we have significantly reduced the amount of energy needed to manufacture one ton of product. But we are not stopping there. Our future plan include changing the way we generate heat, changing our lighting to be more energy efficient, improving plant technology to improve paste and powder production efficiency.

Operational Sustainability

Advancing the Industry.

Feeding our growing world while taking care of the environment and animals is a big challenge for the farming industry. We offer smart, science-based solutions to make animal farming better for both the animals and the environment. This helps make our food safer and supports eco-friendly farming. We use science to find ways to better feed people while also looking after the planet. We aim to reduce the use of antibiotics in farming and make sure animals get the most out of their food. We're tackling some of the biggest problems in farming. We're also teaming up with top universities and research places around the world. Together with these experts, we're working to make big, positive changes in the farming world.

Production Sustainability

Producing Nutritious Food More Sustainably.

Climate change threatens every environmental system and hinders agriculture’s ability to feed the world. Today’s animal producers face many challenges, from market volatility to shifting consumer preferences. We help reduce the carbon footprint of animal production through nutritional solutions that offer environmental benefits without compromising animal performance. We offer smart solutions that help animals make the most efficient use of the forage, crops, and byproducts that they consume. We have products that work enhance digestibility and nutrient utilization to products that support animal immunity and gut health to products that reduce the need for antibiotics to products that reduce the damaging effects of mycotoxins on animal health and productivity to products that decrease the amount of minerals from feed that are excreted into the environment. We work to become increasingly efficient to feed the world’s growing population.

Nutrition Sustainably

Investing in Renewable Energy.

We have a goal to improve our energy-related performance by 10% by 2026. We have reduced our energy dependency by an estimated 40% with solar panels with more on the way. We currently maintain a fleet of hybrid vehicles and EV charging stations at our Brägel facility with more charging stations planned.

Renewable Energy

Feed Safety for Food Safety®.

Our Quality Management System works to continuously ensure or exceed customer satisfaction in the areas of biotechnology, quality, safety, and service. It meets or exceeds rigorous global, regional, and local regulatory requirements for food and feed and ensures consistency and safe feed. Moreover, we help producers become better informed about their mycotoxin risk and implement plans to promote feed safety and decrease feed losses. In this way, we are helping to maintain a safe food supply chain for all.

Feed Safety

Driven by Purpose, United by Passion.

We are proud to have a diverse global workforce. More than 40% percent of our team members worldwide are women, and nearly 30% of all team members in leadership positions are women. Many women at Biochem hold at least one and often multiple advanced degrees, including doctorates in veterinary medicine; PhDs, and master’s degrees. Our team members around the world are nurturing a culture of sustainability, ever conscious of the impact of our actions on the world around us. We continually look for ways to be more environmentally responsible and find areas for improvement or innovation. From reducing our carbon footprint to conserving resources and streamlining business processes, across the globe, we are making small changes that add up. We believe a sustainable agri-food sector is both possible and essential. By adopting new technologies, improving business practices, and embracing innovation, we are working to harness the power of human ingenuity to create a better world.

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