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Our nutritious feed concepts support digestive health, immunity, and growth and development from birth through old age.

Improving Performance for All at Every Stage.

From newborn foals to puppies and kittens. From senior pets to performance horses, our solutions can improve your animal's health and well-being.

Our Products for Companions

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Our companion animals deserve the very best support. Our research-backed feed solutions help solve the toughest challenges.


Lameness reduces animal well-being and has severe consequences from decreased growth to poor performance. We have feed solutions that support hoof health.

Endotoxin Stress

Endotoxins from the gut trigger inflammatory responses, consuming energy and nutrients needed for growth and maintenance of health. Efficient gut barriers are essential for prevention. Our feed solutions help!


Mycotoxins are present in most animal feedstuffs and can silently undermine animal performance and health. We have research-proven products to protect your animals!

Immune Deficiency

A robust immune system is vital for young animals to reach their full potential and for animals to remain healthy and at peak performance. Our innovative feed solutions help!

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