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Modern animal producers face many difficulties. Our research-backed feed solutions help solve the toughest on-farm challenges.

Heat Stress

Heat stress is one of the most stressful and expensive events in the life of animals with negative consequences for animal health, productivity, and product quality. We have solutions!


Fertility is considered the single most important economic trait in animal production. Infertility is a problem in all animal production systems. Our science-based feed solutions support fertility.


Lameness reduces animal well-being and has severe economic consequences from poor growth and performance to increased culling and mortality. We have feed solutions that support hoof and claw health.

Endotoxin Stress

Endotoxins from the gut trigger inflammatory responses, consuming energy and nutrients needed for growth and production. Efficient gut barriers are essential for prevention. Our feed solutions help!


Mycotoxins are present in most animal feedstuffs and can silently undermine animal performance and food safety. We have research-proven products to protect animal productivity!

Pathogen Control

Pathogens are everywhere. Good pathogen control programs will use several approaches to reduce pathogen exposure from the water, the feed, and from within the animal. Our first-rate products can help!

Metabolic Disorders

Production-induced metabolic disorders usually result from an increased demand for a specific nutrient that has become deficient under high metabolic requirements. Our innovative feed solutions help!

Nutrient Deficiency

Nutrition is essential to health and can influence production and susceptibility to disease. Our carefully formulated products bring targeted nutritional support during increased production or stress.

Immune Deficiency

A robust immune system is vital for young animals to reach their full potential and for high-producing animals to remain healthy and at peak performance. Our innovative feed solutions help!

Growth Performance

Nutrition, genetics, and husbandry have a major influence on animal growth. We have proven solutions that promote long-term animal and gut health and help nutrient digestibility and absorption.

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