Biochem Announces Opening of New Production Plant in Lohne, Germany.

Published on: June 22, 2022
Author: Biochem Team
Time: 2 min read

New facility will significantly boost liquid feed supplement capabilities.

Biochem announces the completion of its 4,500 square meter, GMP+ certified production and logistic facility located in Lohne, Germany. The location houses a modern 1,000 cubic-meter tank storage unit and an energy-efficient, fully automated filling system and provides 60 additional office workstations for Biochem’s growing workforce. 

“We are very pleased to announce the completion of this facility”, says Eckhard Thölke, CEO and owner of Biochem. “This lets us further expand our manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing needs of the animal feed market”.

At the heart of the facility is the modern liquid production line. Driven by factors including rising awareness about animal health and feed quality, the global liquid feed additive market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5% and is expected to increase its share of the feed additive space throughout 2025. 

“This new location gives us great flexibility in our liquid feed additive filling sizes – we can now fill from 500 millilitres to 25,000 litres,” says Eckhard Thölke. “We can better align our services with our customers’ demands without sacrificing our core mission of safe animal nutrition.”

The facility will also serve as a climate-controlled warehouse to ensure product availability and quicker production times. Sixty new workspaces are also provided to meet the needs of the company’s increasing staff.

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