SOLPREME® - the newest addition to Biochem’s probiotic line.

Published on: May 31, 2023
Author: Biochem Team
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SOLPREME® targets the connection between sow and piglet.

Lohne, May 2023: Biochem is proud to announce the addition of SOLPREME® to its probiotic portfolio. SOLPREME® from Chr. Hansen is an innovative dual-strain probiotic consisting of the naturally occurring Bacillus subtilis DSM 25841 and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens DSM 25840. These two probiotic strains have been specifically selected for their ability to control pathogens. SOLPREME® is especially targeted for improving sow performance to increase piglet vitality.

“During our successful 33-year-long relationship, we have united the experience and knowledge of our two companies in the field of probiotics,” says Dr. Heiko Greimann, General Manager of Biochem. “We are excited to bring this expertise to the next generation—SOLPREME®, which will join our extensive portfolio of probiotics, including the established and widely used BioPlus® YC and Lactiferm®.”

Sows are the most important asset to any farrowing operation. Replacing a sow is costly—especially as she approaches farrowing. In 2019, sow mortality rates ranged from about 7–8.5% worldwide. Up to 30% of the deaths have been historically attributed to gastrointestinal problems and poor body condition.[1],[2] Importantly, many of these sows would have been pregnant, so reducing sow mortality has a positive impact on farm economics. Moreover, improving sow health in gestation and through lactation is a major factor in improving piglet uniformity as weight variations early on follow the piglet throughout their life. Sow health is one of the major factors that can affect piglet performance at weaning.


  • Protects the sow as an asset

  • Promotes intestinal health in both sow and piglet

  • Promotes piglet uniformity

“From birth, piglets are exposed to and influenced by their environment,” says Dr. Greimann. SOLPREME® works to improve the health and performance of both the sow and her piglets. This provides the best environment for the piglet, giving it the best start in life.”

SOLPREME® is delivered through the feed as heat and moisture-tolerant spores. It is designed to be administered via premix or mixed directly into complete feed before pelleting. SOLPREME® is heat stable up to 95°C and is available in 20kg bags.

[1] Schuck-Paim C, Alonso WJ. Productivity of mother pigs is lower in countries that still confine them in gestation crates. F1000Research. 2022;11:564.
[2] Supakorn C, et al. A review of aetiology and risk factors affecting sow mortality. CABI Reviews. CABI International. 2019:doi: 10.1079/PAVSNNR201914026.

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