New DiaReset Offers a Rapid Solution for Calf Diarrhea.

Published on: April 3, 2024
Author: Biochem Team
Time: 2 min read

Lohne, April 2024. Biochem is excited to introduce DiaReset, our latest product aimed at supporting calf health. Designed to address one of the most pressing challenges in modern dairy operations—calf diarrhea—DiaReset joins our existing portfolio of proven products for calf health.

“We are eager to introduce DiaReset as the newest member of our comprehensive calf health portfolio,” says Miriam Deppe, Product Manager Dietary Feed Supplements at Biochem. “This innovative product provides rapid support during critical times and helps farmers minimize the impact of diarrhea on the health and well-being of their calves.”

Calf diarrhea is widespread in young animals and, despite modern advances, continues to be a major cause of productivity and economic loss for producers worldwide. The multifactorial nature of scours makes it difficult to control on modern dairy farms. However, economic losses are not caused solely by calf morbidity and mortality. Pre-weaning diarrhea in calves has been linked to lower weight gain, milk production in the first lactation, and conception rates.

DiaReset is formulated with guar gum, which thickens the stool and helps to prevent valuable water loss. DiaReset includes prebiotics and probiotics to help stabilize the gut microbiota and reduce harmful pathogens. Vitamins and zinc help boost the immune system, while zinc also aids in the quick healing of the intestinal lining.

“The first few months of a calf’s life can be dangerous—from birth to weaning, calves often face challenges with diarrhea,” explains Deppe. “With DiaReset, we can address the major threats to a calf’s health and welfare and its future productivity.”

DiaReset can be mixed with milk, milk replacer, or water and is available in 1kg and 5kg resealable bags.

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