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B.I.O.Tox® Z

  • Rind
  • Schwein
  • Huhn
  • Fisch
  • Haustier
  • Pferd

B.I.O.Tox® Z is based on a highly efficient formulation of inorganic substances and can be added to feed to bind mycotoxins.

Appropriate levels of B.I.O.Tox® Z are added to feed, depending on the severity of the mycotoxin contamination.

  • Mode of action

    B.I.O.Tox® Z enters the animal’s intestinal tract through its feed, where it irreversibly binds to various mycotoxins or reduces or prevents resorption. Polar and non-polar mycotoxins such as aflatoxin B1, zearalenone, T-2-toxin and ochratoxin A accumulate at the surface of the toxin binder (adsorption) and are excreted through excrement as a complex (adsorbate).

    The effect of the toxin-binding substances in B.I.O.Tox® Z have been proven in a large number of in vitro studies.

    The ability to enrich mycotoxins on a surface is described as adsorption. The adsorption on solid surfaces is based on the fact that residues form on surfaces due to the “symmetry breaking” of the crystal.

    B.I.O.Tox® Z can, depending on the mycotoxin contamination levels in feed, reduce or prevent the harmful effects of mycotoxins and prevent a loss of performance.

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