Colo-Ig is a powerful immune support formula for newborn animals. It combines high levels of bovine colostrum and an effective prebiotic in a palatable product that improves passive immunity in newborns. Don't jeopardize your newborn's future. Colo-Ig gives your newborns the immune support they need to thrive.

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Product Benefits.

Modes of Action.

Our effective range of feed additives and dietary feed supplements are specifically selected and developed to support animal health and productivity. Their modes of action add value and benefit.

Passive Immunity 

Before gut closure in newborns, immunoglobulins are absorbed through the intestinal wall to provide immunity for the first weeks of life. Drives the maturation of systemic active and passive immunity.

Provides Energy

Animals require high quality energy in times of reduced feed intake, or during resource-heavy processes like growth, production, recovery, or high stress to remain in a positive energy balance.

Local Immunity

Unabsorbed immunoglobulins can neutralize pathogens and other antigens in the intestine according to the lock-and-key model.

Bioactive Substances

Colostrum contains a high proportion of bioactive substances such as growth factors, immune and antimicrobial factors that promote physical development and overall performance.

Product Specifications.

Product Group:Dietary Feed Supplements
Product Form:Powder
Animals:Calves, Lambs, Kids, Foals
Challenges:Immune Deficiency, Nutrient Deficiency
Package Size:360 g, 1440 g
Availability:*This product may not be available in all markets.

Application Method.

Product Description.

The first days of life are critical for newborn animals. They need an adequate supply of high-quality colostrum to ensure a healthy life. While farm management and colostrum quality are critical factors, they can sometimes be difficult to control or improve. This can result in increased disease incidence, mortality, and reduced growth. In these situations, Colo-Ig is a reliable solution for improving colostrum supply and providing optimal support for young animals.

Colo-Ig is a potent immunity support formula for newborn animals. It contains a high level of bovine colostrum—39 % immunoglobulin content on a protein basis. This makes Colo-Ig a rich source of active immunoglobulins, growth factors, and bioactive compounds. This critical ingredient promotes survival, growth, and ongoing health in young animals through passive immunity.

In addition to bovine colostrum, Colo-Ig contains a prebiotic that can bind pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, Colo-Ig is highly palatable and very well accepted. In this, Colo-Ig both protects and supports newborn animals.

By supplementing the natural content of colostrum or replacing maternal colostrum entirely, Colo-Ig effectively improves newborn immunity, reduces the risk of passive immune transfer failure, and provides a solid foundation for a healthy life.

Don’t let the challenges of colostrum supply compromise the future of your animals.Colo-Iggives your newborn animals the immunity they need to thrive.


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