ColoImmune is a convenient and effective solution to provide newborn puppies and kittens with the essential immunoglobulins and bioactive compounds needed during this critical developmental period. ColoImmune can be used to supplement maternal colostrum or as a complete replacement. ColoImmune is an indispensable part of every breeder’s kit and a valuable tool for every pet owner.

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Product Benefits.

Modes of Action.

Our effective range of feed additives and dietary feed supplements are specifically selected and developed to support animal health and productivity. Their modes of action add value and benefit.

Passive Immunity 

Before gut closure in newborns, immunoglobulins are absorbed through the intestinal wall to provide immunity for the first weeks of life. Drives the maturation of systemic active and passive immunity.

Local Immunity

Unabsorbed immunoglobulins can neutralize pathogens and other antigens in the intestine according to the lock-and-key model.

Bioactive Substances

Colostrum contains a high proportion of bioactive substances such as growth factors, immune and antimicrobial factors that promote physical development and overall performance.

Provides Energy

Animals require high quality energy in times of reduced feed intake, or during resource-heavy processes like growth, production, recovery, or high stress to remain in a positive energy balance.

Recovery Support

Inflammation is a normal process but too much of it can be harmful. Minimizing the detrimental effects of too much inflammation helps support recovery and a return to healthy functioning.

Reinforced Intestinal Barrier

Strengthening of mucosal linings by supporting tight junction formation, immune response, epithelial regeneration, and mucous secretion. This mechanism prevents harmful substances from entering the blood system.

Product Specifications.

Product Group:Dietary Feed Supplement
Product Form:Powder
Animals:Dogs, Cats
Challenges:Immune Deficiency, Nutrient Deficiency
Availability:*This product may not be available in all markets.

Application Method.

Product Description.

Colostrum, the first milk produced by mothers, is nature's way of giving newborn puppies and kittens a vital head start. Packed with immunoglobulins, colostrum provides passive immunity until a pet's own immune system develops. Unfortunately, not all puppies and kittens receive enough colostrum, leaving them vulnerable to illness.

ColoImmune provides a convenient and effective solution. This easy-to-use dietary feed supplement provides essential antibodies and powerful bioactive compounds based on our high-quality, highly concentrated B.I.O.Ig bovine colostrum.

This means that ColoImmune is packed with immunoglobulins and powerful bioactive substances to support immunity and vitality during the first few weeks of a puppy or kitten’s life. ColoImmune also combines high-quality colostrum with a proven prebiotic to support gut health.

ColoImmune can be used to supplement maternal colostrum or milk for immune enhancement. It can also be used as a complete replacement in situations where maternal colostrum is unavailable. ColoImmune provides what other milk replacers do not—colostrum!

The benefits of ColoImmune extend beyond newborns. Bovine colostrum has been shown to provide benefits to pets of all ages. ColoImmune can help stimulate the immune system and support overall health in adult pets and those with compromised immune systems.

Easy to administer, ColoImmune is available as a powder that can be easily mixed with water or food. Studies have shown that bovine colostrum can provide lifelong benefits to pets by promoting gut health, enhancing vaccination response, and providing overall immune system support.

By providing essential immune support, ColoImmune should be a part of every breeder’s kit and a valuable tool for every pet owner looking to provide the best possible start in life.


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